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Discover the benefits you can gain from our guidance in capital markets especially during uncertain times.  We earn our fees by providing our clients with peace of mind.   Our clients retain us because they want experts they can trust to conservatively manage their portfolios for them while they are enjoying life.   Gaining our advice and our ongoing professional monitoring of your investments is what many Canadians, like you, have chosen for themselves.  We want you to consider what we can do for you.  We would like to hear from you so please see below what you can expect when you meet with our professionals.

What to Expect from Our Professionals — Four Steps

Step One: Our Initial Discussion  

We gather information and discuss your personal goals to understand your needs and present details regarding our conservative approach to Portfolio Management.

Please provide a copy of your current Investment Portfolio statement.

Step Two: Your Investment Consultation 

We use financial tools to explore the potential for realizing your goals given your time horizon, risk-tolerance, investment criteria and any particular constraints you indicate.  We identify the appropriate investment  mandates that you and your family may entrust to us.  We discuss the finer points of our investment process, how we select investments and build portfolios seeking to reduce risk.

Step Three: A Meeting of the Minds

A candid two-way follow-up discussion allows you to clarify any questions you may have and to choose Investment Portfolio solutions that are right for you. Working within the parameters you provide and the solutions we recommend, we assess if there is a realistic basis for working together to achieve your financial goals during the various stages of your life.

Step Four: Before getting Started – Setting Expectations and Disclosures

Lastly, since a successful business relationship is built upon trust, transparency and ongoing communication, we openly discuss all aspects of our proposed business partnership including, reporting, statements, compensation, costs and our mutual expectations.

The Result: Your Customized Investment Portfolio Solution

You can feel secure that your portfolio has been designed individually for you and your family while you retain full control of your assets.  Our reviews of your individual security selection, asset allocation, economic reviews and financial strategies will be effectively communicated to you.

Our transparent and collaborative process provides you with an experience that is specifically tailored to comfortably meet your objectives.  You will maintain continual access to us to discuss your changing financial needs through all stages of your life transitions.

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