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Information for Investors and Our Clients

We provide Investment Advisory and Portfolio Management services to Canadian Investors through our Full Service Independent Investment Dealer, Queensbury Securities Inc. A Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, (CIPF) and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, (IIROC).  Heading up our Team at CommonWealth Financial Strategies at Queensbury Securities Inc. is Graz Circosta, CFP, Investment Advisor and Paul V. Perrone, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Our Approach

We continually seek high quality investments in Fixed Income and Equity Markets for our Private Clients. We believe in conservative principles of Equity Money Management that emphasize prudent diversification by investing in well balanced portfolios.

We operate a systematic investment process to construct and maintain individual, personalized portfolios on behalf of our clients. We manage risk by establishing a “reasonable and adequate basis” for every position selected.

Our Investment Management Services 

We employ a full range of investment vehicles from individual Fixed Income Securities to Common Shares, Exchange-Traded Funds, (ETFs) and Mutual Funds to manage our Income, Balanced and Growth oriented portfolios for Canadians.

We favour the shares of publicly traded corporations with attractive yields and dividend growth that significantly enhances their appeal to investors over the long-term.

We personally meet with every client to identify their individual needs such as time horizon, risk tolerance and particular objectives and constraints.

We Value Independence, Transparency and Integrity.

Our Partners:

Queensbury Securities Inc. — Our Securities Dealer

Haywood Securities Inc. — Our Custodian

CIPF — Canadian Investor Protection Fund

IIROC — Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada